From an in-depth interview with The TupperDiva(TM)

Crystal Wave: You've been a registered TupperDiva(TM) for many years. In fact, you won the Ms. Tupperware® USA pageant several months ago, didn't you?

TupperDiva(TM): Yes, I did. I trained very hard for that and I'm glad that my perseverance paid off.

CW: What kind of training did you do? A special diet? Extra hours at the gym?

TD: Actually, I went on a Tupperware® collecting binge and bought everything in sight. I now officially have the largest collection of Tupperware® and Tupperware® related merchandise in North America.

CW: What kind of pageant is that?

TD: Listen, you run your pageants your way and we'll run them ours.

CW: Yes, well, is the tiara you're wearing from the pageant?

TD: Certainly not. This is my TupperDiva(TM) special occasion tiara. It's a little fancier than the TupperDiva(TM) everyday wear tiara I wear to dust and go to the store.

CW: This is very fascinating.

TD: Yes, I'm sure. The world of the TupperDiva(TM) holds many mysteries for the common man and woman.

CW: Could you explain?


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TD: Well, for instance, I began doing special "Meet and Greet" sessions at Tupperware® parties but had to end that when the crowds became too unruly and mobbed me.

CW: What was the worst situation?

TD: My fans were rushing towards me and a melee ensued and my arm was fractured. But I took it in stride and was very gracious -- that is what being a TupperDiva(TM) is all about.

CW: I had no idea your life is so difficult.

TD: I'm sure you don't. I've encountered many difficulties and setbacks in my days as TupperDiva(TM). For all practical purposes, I've been banned from Ebay. Those jerks. And I don't care what they say -- it's not against the law to try to corner the market on vintage Tupperware®. I've got my lawyer working on this as we speak, but those stupid anti-trust laws don't apply to Tupperware®.

CW: So you've got legal problems?

TD: Just a few. I mean, when you're the TupperDiva(TM), it's natural for people to become jealous and try to destroy you. But my empire shall not fall so easily!

CW: Empire?

TD: I reign as TupperDiva(TM).

CW: Yes, well...How do you keep track of all your Tupperware®.

TD: Oh, my. That's a very good question. It took some time, but I finally worked out a very detailed archival system. You see, every piece of Tupperware® has a manufacturing number. And I've logged every piece into my very special proprietary database. I had to have a program created specifically for me and my collection. And it's got more security features than Fort Knox.

CW: You spare no expense...

TD: Absolutely not. There is nothing too expensive for my babies.

CW: Where do you store all of the Tupperware®?

TD: I have a 20,000 sq. foot warehouse.

CW: Where?

TD: That is very privileged information. If I shared that, it might mean the end of my empire...I mean, reign.

CW: Anything else you'd like to add?

TD: Just my credo. I've been collecting for a very long time. Some say I'm a bit maniacal about the whole thing. But Tupperware® is not something that you love a while and then throw away. It's a love deeper and more passionate than anything most people will know. My credo, my Tupperware® coat of arms if you will, is: Tupperware® is a way of life!